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NCISから学ぶ英語(S3E4)-we have a situation-



Season3 Episode4

Ziva:I stand corrected. It appears he didn’t know.(私が間違ってたわ。知らなかったみたいね。)

stand corrected:誤りを認める


McGee:Boss, we have a situation at the Smithsonian Museum.(スミソニアン美術館からです。)
M:Well, it’s kind of complicated, but there may have been a murder.(複雑なんですが、殺人があったかも…。)
G:May have been, McGee?(あったかも?)
M:Yeah, well, they have a Union soldier who was dug up from a battlefield in Manassas. Now they think that he may be a Marine.(マナッサスで北軍の兵士を掘り起こしたんですが、海兵隊員かも、と。)
G:lt was the Civil War, McGee. Marines fought on both sides.(南北戦争だ。当然だろ。)
M:I know. But this Marine had dog tags. Didn’t exist back then. You know that, being a Marine.(はい、でも認識票をつけていて。当時はなかった。ご存知ですよね。)
G:Get to the point, McGee.(要点を言え。)
M:They think that this Marine was killed recently and somehow buried in a way– They can’t quite explain it, but in a 140-year-old cast-iron sarcophagus.(海兵隊員は最近殺されて、埋められて、説明はできませんが、140年前の棺桶の中に。)
G:Dressed as a Union soldier?(北軍の格好で?)
M:Basically, yeah.(大体は。)



他のエピソードでも、”We have a situation”で「問題が発生しました」みたいな意味で出てきます。
“We have a problem”って感じですね。

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