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Season4 Episode16 被爆の真相

Ziva:I think this will make you feel better. They tested the pizza inside the refrigerator and, you were right about Papa Don.(朗報よ。冷蔵庫のピザを調べたら、あなたの言うとおりだった。)
Roy:Yes! Exonerated. Did they, um did they find any clues, any answers?(やった、無罪だ。手がかりや、答えは見つかった?)
Z:Not yet. But they’re still looking.(まだよ。引き続き捜査してる。)
R:Well, tell them to hurry up. I want to know who killed me before I die. Ziva. Can you do something else for me?(急がせて。死ぬ前に犯人を知りたいんだ。ジヴァ、ちょっとお願いしてもいい?)
Z:Of course.(もちろん。)
R:Can you find me a lawyer? I think I need to write my will.(弁護士を探してくれない?遺言を書くよ。)


S4 E16

Z:Where are they?(どこなの?)
R:What are you talking about?(なんのこと?)
Z:The cigars you smoke when you go outside to get some fresh air.(外で吸ってた葉巻よ。)
R:Okay, I had a puff or two. I know the doctor said not to.(わかったよ。医者はダメだって言ってたけど。)
Z:No! Where are they?(どこなの?)
R:I had no idea you were so antismoking. I mean, honestly, at this point, I’d consider myself lucky to live long enough to die of cancer.(嫌煙家だったとは知らなかったよ。正直、ガンで死ねるほど長生きなら嬉しいよ。)
Z:Look, Roy, these cigars are laced with thallium. Were they a gift?(この葉巻にタリウムが。贈り物?)
R:I bought them myself, duty-free, Sao Paulo airport.(サンパウロ空港の免税店で自分で買ったんだ。)
Z:Who else had access to these?(これに触れる人は?)
R:They were in my desk until I stuck them in my bag.(ここに持ってくる前は机の上にあったよ。)

be laced with:混ぜられている



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